This is a work in progress and constitutes a partial filmography. No attempt is made to include every film role. I am including my own ratings of the films I've watched (on a subjective scale from 1-10), and, in parentheses after mine, the collective rating found on IMDB for comparison. (Because those are also a work in progress, they may change from time to time and may be different from what is found on the site on at any given time).  Where no rating is given, it's safe to assume I have not viewed that film. I'm not including the IMDB ratings for films I have not seen simply because I'd rather not be potentially prejudiced until after I form my own impression. (Yes. I'm stubborn that way!) And, along those lines, it is amazing to me how often my ratings mesh closely with the general wisdom and approval found on IMDB.

As you can also see, I also have a column for Buster's involvement in the film production. Sometimes screen credits do not reflect in which roles he was generally believed to have contributed for any given film, so that is also a work in progress and represents some fair attempt to ascertain his role on each film and may certainly be mistaken. If you think I am, please comment and let me know!

Date My Rating/ (IMDB) Title Type What he did
23-Apr-17 6.5 (6.4) The Butcher Boy short Act
25-Jun-17 6.0 (5.8) The Rough House short Act, Dir, Writ
20-Aug-17  6.5 (6.1) His Wedding Night short Act
30-Sep-17  6.0 (6.0) Oh Doctor! short Act
29-Oct-17 7.0 (6.5) Coney Island short Act
10-Dec-17 lost A Country Hero short Act
20-Jan-18 6.5 (6.5) Out West short Act
18-Mar-18 6.5 (6.8) The Bell Boy short Act
13-May-18 6.0 (5.8) Moonshine short Act
6-Jul-18 6.5 (6.1) Good Night, Nurse! short Act
15-Sep-18 The Cook short Act
7-Sep-19 6.0 (6.7) Back Stage short Act
26-Oct-19 6.0 (6.0) The Hayseed short Act
11-Jan-20 6.0 (6.8) The Garage short Act
1-Sep-20 9.0 (8.2) One Week short Act, Dir, Writ
1-Sep-20 6.0 (6.2) The Saphead feature Act
27-Oct-20 6.5 (7.1) Convict 13 short Act, Dir, Writ
22-Dec-20 7.5 (7.7) Neighbors short Act, Dir, Writ
22-Dec-20 8.5 (8.0) The Scarecrow short Act, Dir, Writ
10-Feb-21 6.5 (7.0) The Haunted House short Act, Dir, Writ
14-Mar-21 6.5 (7.1) Hard Luck short Act, Dir, Writ
12-Apr-21 8.0 (7.7) The High Sign short Act, Dir, Writ
18-May-21 8.5 (7.8) The Goat short Act, Dir, Writ
6-Oct-21 9.0 (7.8) The Playhouse short Act, Dir, Writ
10-Nov-21 6.5 (7.1) The Boat short Act, Dir, Writ
1-Jan-22 7.0 (7.0) The Paleface short Act, Dir, Writ
1-Mar-22 9.0 (7.8) Cops short Act, Dir, Writ
1-May-22 6.5 (6.7) My Wife's Relations short Act, Dir, Writ
21-Jul-22 6.5 (7.0) The Blacksmith short Act, Dir, Writ
28-Aug-22 6.5 (6.6) The Frozen North short Act, Dir, Writ
1-Oct-22 7.0 (7.3) The Electric House short Act, Dir, Writ
1-Nov-22 7.0 (6.9) Daydreams short Act, Dir, Writ
22-Jan-23 7.5 (6.8) The Balloonatic short Act, Dir, Writ
1-Mar-23 6.0 (7.0) The Love Nest short Act, Dir, Writ
24-Sep-23 7.0 (7.2) Three Ages feature Act, Dir, Writ
19-Nov-23 7.5 (7.9) Our Hospitality feature Act, Dir
21-Apr-24 10  (8.3) Sherlock Jr. feature Act, Dir
13-Oct-24 8.5 (8.1) The Navigator feature Act, Dir
11-Mar-25 8.0 (8.0) Seven Chances feature Act, Dir
12-Apr-25 The Iron Mule short Act
1-Nov-25 9.0 (7.3) Go West feature Act, Dir, Writ
19-Sep-26 7.5 (7.2) Battling Butler feature Act, Dir
24-Feb-27 10  (8.3) The General feature Act, Dir, Writ
1-Nov-27 7.5 (7.2) College feature Act, Dir
20-May-28 10  (8.0) Steamboat Bill Jr. feature Act, Dir
22-Sep-28 9.0 (8.3) The Cameraman feature Act, Dir
6-Apr-29  7.0 (7.2) Spite Marriage feature Act, Dir
23-Nov-29 The Hollywood Review feature part Act
22-Mar-30 5.5 (5.6) Free and Easy feature Act
30-Aug-30 6.5 (5.8) Doughboys feature Act
28-Feb-31 6.5 (6.0) Parlor, Bedroom & Bath feature Act
26-Sep-31  6.0 (5.5) Sidewalks of New York feature Act
6-Feb-32 6.5 (6.0) The Passionate Plumber feature Act
13-Aug-32 6.0 (6.0) Speak Easily feature Act
1-Feb-33 6.0 (5.5) What! No Beer? feature Act
16-Mar-34   6.5 (6.6) The Gold Ghost short Act, Dir
25-May-34 Allez Oop short Act, Dir
11-Dec-34 7.5 (6.3) Le Roi des Champs-Elysees feature Act
11-Jan-35 Palooka from Paducah short Act
22-Feb-35 One Run Elmer short Act, Dir
15-Mar-35 Hayseed Romance short Act
3-May-35 Tars and Stripes short Act, Dir
9-Aug-35 6.0 (5.9) The E-Flat Man short Act
25-Oct-35 6.5 (5.6) The Timid Young Man short Act
2-Jan-36 The Invador feature Act
3-Jan-36 5.5 (6.3) Three on a Limb short Act
21-Feb-36 6.5 (6.9) Grand Slam Opera short Act, Dir, Writ
21-Aug-36 5.0 (6.2) Blue Blazes short Act, Dir
9-Oct-36 The Chemist short Act
20-Nov-36 Mixed Magic short Act, Dir
8-Jan-37 Jail Bait short Act
12-Feb-37 Ditto short Act
26-Mar-37 Love Nest on Wheels short Act, Dir
16-Jun-39 Pest from the West short Act, Writ
11-Aug-39 Mooching Through Georgia short Act, Writ
13-Oct-39 Hollywood Cavalcade Act
19-Jan-40 Nothing but Pleasure short Act
22-Mar-40 Pardon My Berth Marks short Act
28-Jun-40 The Taming of the Snood short Act
20-Sep-40 The Spook Speaks short Act
13-Dec-40 His Ex Marks the Spot short Act
11-Oct-40 6.0 (5.4) Villain Still Pursued Her feature Act
21-Feb-41 So You Won't Squawk! short Act
18-Sep-41 General Nuisance short Act
20-Nov-41 She's Oil Mine short Act
2-Aug-46 El Moderno Barba Azul feature Act
1949 In The Good Ol Summertime feature Act
1950 10.0 (8.6) Sunset Boulevard feature Cameo
1951 8.5 (8.1) Limelight feature Act
1952 Paradise for Buster feature? Act
1956 8.0 (6.8) Around the World in 80 Days feature Act
1963 9.0 (7.6) It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World feature Act
2-Oct-65 7.0 (7.2) The Railrodder short Act
30-Oct-65 8.0 (7.2) Buster Keaton Rides Again feature Act
8-Jan-66 Film short Act
8-Jan-66 The Scribe short Act


  1. Just wondering, do you ever plan on writing more reviews and such for this blog?

  2. I'll take that as a sign you would like more : ) I would love to spend more time watching, thinking about and writing about Buster Keaton! I can't think of too many things I enjoy more. Thanks for the reminder! I've just been pulled away doing too many other things lately, but I DO plan to and hopefully soon!